ReUse RePurpose ReStore: Mosaic Tile Trivets

ReStore has an extensive tile section that many of you have probably walked right by.  The tile and grout sold at ReStore can be used to create all kinds of homemade crafts.  If you missed ReStore at Gaithersburg Day last Sunday you missed a great demonstration, by our AmeriCorps member Kayleen, on how to use ReStore’s recycled materials to create beautiful mosaic tile trivets for your home.  Not to worry, here’s your chance to catch up!

Show Room 9-29 030

 What You’ll Need: Safety Glasses, Tiles, Canvas Bag, Hammer, File, Gloves, Board, Mastic or Glue Gun, Plastic, Grout, Sponge


  1. Put on Safety Glasses.
  2. Put the tiles to be broken into a heavy canvas bag (close the bag).  With the hammer break the tiles into your preferred sizes and shapes.
  3. Put on gloves.  Remove the broken pieces from the bag and place them on the board in a design that pleases you.  Use the flattest pieces that you have and file down the sharp edges.
  4. Once the design is in place either: use a craft stick to apply mastic to the back of the pieces and allow 24 hours for it to set OR use a hot glue gun and glue the pieces in place, waiting only a few minutes for them to dry.
  5. Spread plastic over your work space to protect it and mix the grout according to package directions.
  6. With a craft stick, spread the grout over the wood and tiles, making sure the surface is level.  A level surface helps to ensure that dishes will not get scratched or slide off the trivet.
  7. While the grout is still wet, take the sponge and wipe off the tiles so that the top surfaces are fully visible.  Then wipe off the sides and wait 24 hours for the project to dry prior to using.
  8. Enjoy!

Show Room 9-29 031

 Do you have any craft ideas that you’d like to share with ReStore or is there a ReUse RePurpose ReStore project that you’d like to see posted?  Let us know!


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