Composting – Another way to Go Green and Save Green

Did you know that by composting you can reduce landfill waste, help remediate contaminated soil, enrich the soil, and save money on water, pesticides, and fertilizers?

According to the EPA, 23% of our waste stream is organic material (yard trimmings and food residuals).  This material can be composted in our own backyards rather than sent to landfills.  Montgomery County makes it easy for all residents to compost by providing free, easy to assemble compost bins.  ReStore is one of the many locations across the County that distributes these bins.  All you have to do is stop by and request one!

Composting is not as intimidating as it seems.   You can compost anything from eggshells to grass clippings and sawdust to ashes.  To learn more, check out the link below to the EPA’s website.

Already composting?  What tips do you have for those just beginning?


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