A Note From Habitat for Humanity International

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Today is the Day of Action to Fix the SAFE Act!
Call your two U.S. senators—it just takes a few minutes

Earlier this week you heard from Larry Gluth about how you can participate in the Day of Action to Fix the SAFE Act. Today is the day to take action and ask your senators to cosponsor the Nonprofit Mortgage Clarification Act (S. 3106). This legislation will clarify that states are able to exempt groups like Habitat from the requirements of the SAFE Act.

Even if you’re in a state that has an exemption, HUD has already ruled in at least one state that the existing exemption is insufficient. Call your senators and let them know that the requirements of the SAFE Act would hurt your affiliate and Habitat families. Ask them to co-sponsor Sen. Kay Hagan’s fix to the SAFE Act, the Nonprofit Mortgage Clarification Act.

Right now, cosponsors of the bill include both senators from North Carolina and Georgia and Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon. If your affiliate is not located in one of these states, please ask for your two U.S. senators to cosponsor this key legislation.

Follow the steps below to call your two U.S. senators—it just takes a few minutes and it can have an immediate impact.

Click here to get started and then follow these simple steps:

1. When the webpage opens, fill out your information in the simple form provided and click “Submit.”
2. On the next webpage, you’ll see the names of your U.S. senators. Pick one senator to start with and click “Call Now” located on the lower left-hand side of the screen.
3. Review the call script and, when ready, click the “Place Call” button to initialize the call.
4. Your phone will ring and you’ll soon be speaking to the Senate office. Use the script to urge the Senator to cosponsor the legislation. Then report the response from the call using the form provided, so we can track progress.
5. Repeat the process for the second Senate office.

To see how this process works, click here to view a short “how-to” video on YouTube.

With your help, we can make sure the Senate stands with Habitat for Humanity, and the families our good work serves. The SAFE Act—without the corrections we seek—will be a real threat to Habitat mortgages, but just a few minutes of your time could make a real difference.

If you would like to follow the progress of gaining cosponsors for the Senate version of the bill, visit http://thomas.loc.gov/ and search for S. 3106 under “Search Bill Summary & Status.” Be sure to select the option to search by bill number, not word/phrase. When you’re on the page for S. 3106, click on “Cosponsors” to see if your senators are there.

Thank you

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