Help Us Help Others!

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I think this post requires just a little background. My name is Hannah and I am working with the ReStore this summer as a social media intern and will primarily be working with the blog. Last week on my drive to work I noticed a set of doors leaning up against a mailbox with a sign that read “Free! 100% Complete. Needs Clean’d” and a nice, if a little outdated, armchair upside down on a median. These two drive-by sightings seemed reason enough to motivate this post. People are always renovating, clearing out, downsizing or moving out and tile, doors and even chairs (among other things) get thrown out, left behind, or left on medians. ReStores from Gaithersburg to Cheyenne, Wyoming to Anchorage, Alaska provide people with a more charitable, proactive and green (!) way to unload what they may no longer want, but what might be exactly what someone else needs. ¬†Someone else’s trash truly can become someone else’s treasure AND contribute to the building of a home. So I challenge you to help the ReStore help others. If you know someone or know someone who knows someone who knows someone who is going to be making some home improvements or unloading some of their belongings, suggest the ReStore as a means of doing so. In order to best inform people about how donation works, here is the website with what we accept, what we don’t accept and when we are best able to accept it: ReStore Donations. Please keep in mind that because of limited storage space, the ReStore may not always be able to accept an overstocked item and that between 10am and 4pm, Monday through Saturday, is the best time to donate. Thanks for your continued support and helping to keep chairs out of dumpsters and in homes!

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