Simple Treasures

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Ok, so this is not a “Trash to Treasure” post in the sense that it has meant on the blog in the past, but that is the best way to describe it. The ReStore has an incredible tile inventory, beautiful cabinet sets, housewares, tools and of course, a lot of fantastic furniture. But something I have come to love best about the store since I (it’s Hannah again) began volunteering in June are the little surprises you can find with a little effort, hunting or ingenuity. A few weeks ago, someone donated the pram (pictured: left). It has been sitting on the floor for awhile, with a sign warning that it is not intended for use with an actual child, but that does not mean that it has no use. This pram is practically identical to one I had when I was little. I would walk around the basement with all of my dolls (and there were plenty) piled in and make believe that I was taking my “children” on a nice walk in the park. The phone, also pictured (it, however, was purchased today), brought back fond memories of childhood as well. The phone still works, but with its rolltop and rather outdated look, it is certainly more functional than stylish. As soon as I saw it, I immediately imagined it as a perfect prop for playing house or perhaps for a more entrepreneurial group of friends, it could be the phone in a pretend restaurant that serves plastic or invisible food. Items such as the pram and the phone may no longer function as they were originally intended, but that doesn’t mean that for someone, a child or not, they couldn’t be a surprisingly perfect little treasure.

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