Special Thanks to All ReStore Volunteers! And Congratulations to Isha Fadlu-Deen, Dedicated Volunteer and Leader

Our 2011 Annual Volunteer Recognition Event on November 9 was an opportunity to thank all our hard-working ReStore volunteers. Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County and ReStore wouldn’t be able to fulfill our mission without our volunteers, who logged more than 26,750 hours in the past year. Among this group of many, Isha Fadlu-Deen stood out for her extreme dedication and was awarded this year’s R. Glynn Mays Volunteer Recognition Award.

Isha came to ReStore two years ago as an Arbor Education and Training volunteer. The Arbor program places job seekers in volunteer positions where they can build skills as they seek employment. Isha was diligent and eager to learn and was soon appointed to the position of volunteer donations coordinator. Since donations keep ReStore running, this position is essential and gave Isha valuable experience. We expected to have to say good-bye to Isha once she gained a full-time job outside of ReStore, especially in light of the demands of raising three young boys and many other constraints on her time. What is truly remarkable about Isha is that she continued to make ReStore a very important part of her life and volunteered with us from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. each Saturday for more than a year.

We are pleased that Isha’s career continues to advance and she recently accepted a position in North Carolina. While her move out of the area caused her to miss our Volunteer Recognition night, we are proud of her accomplishments and that ReStore was able to be a part of her professional growth and development.

We thanked many other devoted volunteers on November 9, including Nathan Pope. When it comes to logging volunteer hours at HFH-MC, nobody beats Nathan, who was recognized for putting in more than 600 hours with ReStore in the past year.

Congratulations to Isha, Nathan, and thanks to all our volunteers!

Henry C. Clarke, Jr. received the 2011 Harry and Lutie Semmes Outstanding Service Award for his work providing volunteer legal services to Habitat homebuyers. We missed presenting Isha her award in person, but wish her well in her new endeavors!

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