Customers Find Pieces for Innovative Decorating at ReStore

You can often find customers at ReStore studying items for sale and imagining how they will look in their homes. A homeowner from North Potomac shopping in the store the other day has purchased three different chandeliers and given them new purpose. About three months ago, the customer bought a large metal chandelier, replaced the bulbs with battery-operated lights that resemble candles of varying heights, and hung it in her living room. She now says it’s one of her favorite pieces in the house. She also found two matching chandeliers and put one over a kitchen island and the other over a dining room table.

Professional Interior Decorator Jenifer Yoon of Interior Creations in Rockville has purchased curtain treatments, furniture and hardware from ReStore. Jenifer says her goal in designing is to take plain spaces and create a warm and inviting home. She likes the eclectic pieces that can be found at ReStore and recommends people looking for vintage pieces visit the store. She also thinks ReStore is a good source for some tile projects, such as a backsplash, an accent wall, or a small room.

What about you? Share with us your favorite ReStore piece and how a little creativity gave it a new life.


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