How Much Material Does ReStore Save from Landfills?

We already know ReStore helps us protect the earth by recycling items that might otherwise end up in a landfill. But have you ever realized how much reusable material is diverted from landfills each year and put to use by a new owner?

In 2010, 323 tons of reusable material were diverted from landfills by the Montgomery County ReStore, and according to our current figures, we estimate 354 tons will be diverted in 2011. The average minivan weighs about 2 tons. So if we were measuring this amount in minivans, we would be talking about 177 vans. Imagine them lined up in a row; that is a lot of material. It’s easy to understand why a donor would be proud of his or her involvement with ReStore.

For example, Lorraine donated a two-year-old washing machine she no longer needed to the ReStore in early December. She learned about ReStore from someone she knew in the construction industry who recommended it as a way to recycle usable items. When Lorraine stopped by the store the other day, she asked about her washing machine and was happy to hear someone had already bought it. She said she hated the idea of seeing it go to the dump. One washing machine in a landfill may not sound like it would have much environmental impact, but when you add up the amount in tons of reusable material avoiding landfills each year, you can see why those donations have a substantial and positive impact on our planet.

So be proud of your involvement in ReStore. Whether you volunteer or shop at ReStore, donate new or used items, or help spread the word about the store, you are helping to keep tons of usable material from ending up as waste in a landfill.

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