ReSolve and ReStore Contest: Pledge to Live Greener or Finish That Home Project for a Chance to Win

It’s a new year. It’s the time for a fresh start and making changes in the way we do things. ReStore wants to reward you for making a resolution to live greener or finish that home improvement, decorating or organizing project that you haven’t finished, or maybe haven’t even started yet. These changes don’t need to be big; they just need to have an impact.

The Prize: One winner in each of the following categories will receive a $50 gift certificate to ReStore.

1. ReStore the Earth Did you make a resolution to recycle more, use more reusable material, or reduce the amount you drive? Maybe you have another idea of a change you can make to help protect or conserve resources.

2. ReStore Your Space Are you tired of that door that needs repainting or the home office that needs to be organized? Or do you have bigger plans for a kitchen redesign? Whatever it is, tell us about your plan to improve your space.

How to Enter: Describe your green or home project resolution in a paragraph in the comment section below and why your resolution is important to you. One winner will be selected in each category.

Deadline: Post your comment by January 23, 2012.

Remember, don’t worry about making a big change. Just use your imagination and come up with an idea to live greener or improve your living space, make a resolution, and tell us about it!      

2 thoughts on “ReSolve and ReStore Contest: Pledge to Live Greener or Finish That Home Project for a Chance to Win

  1. About two years ago, we gave away our clothes dryer — that was one more way for us to save electricity. Our plan was to repurpose the space formerly used by the dryer, and to put pantry items there instead. The need for more pantry space became increasingly urgent — we’re using more jars, and fewer plastic containers. Those jars needed a home between uses… I’m also making lots of ferments, requiring even more jars… Plus, the fermenting goodies needed a place to sit at room temperature. The “dryer space” now sports a new-to-us shelving unit, and it’s made such an improvement! Still, there’s lots more kitchen work to be done… and after that, the living room awaits…!

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