Welcome to ReImagine at ReStore: Our DIY Inspiration Column

There are so many clever and creative things you can do with the items available at ReStore. A little imagination goes a long way in turning an old door, an outdated light fixture, a tired piece of furniture or almost anything you can imagine into a unique and trendy piece perfect for

Interior Decorator Jenifer Yoon

decorating your home. To get our inspiration, we’ve teamed up with interior decorator Jenifer Yoon, of Interior Creations by Jenifer in Rockville, to launch ReImagine at ReStore, a new blog feature where Jenifer will share her ideas on what customers could do with items available at ReStore to create chic decorating pieces for their homes. In this feature, Jenifer explains how to transform a common brass chandelier into a unique dining room focal piece.

From Common to Chic: How to ReImagine an Outdated Brass Chandelier into a Piece You’ll Love

by Jenifer Yoon

Contractor-grade brass chandeliers are everywhere and can make a place look very dated and humdrum. To give them a fresh new and personalized look, you can easily repaint them whatever color you choose. When selecting a chandelier for a do-it-yourself project, ignore the color and pay attention to the scale and the shape of the piece. Ask yourself if you like the lines of the piece. Does it have graceful curves or sleek modern elements? If the color or finish is the only thing you don’t like, then all you need to make it perfect is a little bit of time and some spray paint.

Example of brass chandelier available at ReStore
Steps to Paint a Chandelier
First head to ReStore to look at the lighting options and select one that has the right scale and style for you. Next, you’ll need 1) spray paint primer; 2) spray paint color; 3) fine grit sand paper or steel wool; and 4) painter’s tape or masking tape. While at ReStore, you can look for the primer and paint, but if you don’t find what you need, you can pick it up at your local home improvement store when you look for the other supplies.
When selecting the color, pick something that will go with your current décor. Great neutral colors could be a brushed nickel, a hammered/rod iron black, an antique white, or you can use a fun color for something a bit more funky and unique.

Once you have everything you need, then the fun begins:

-Take the chandelier outside or to a well-ventilated area and protect anything you don’t want to get paint on. If you have a way to hang or suspend the chandelier, that will work best and allow you the most access to the entire piece.
-If you can, remove anything that isn’t metal. Some chandeliers have plastic tubes to look like candles that you can slide off and set aside.
-You’ll want to tape over any light bulb sockets or wires so paint doesn’t get on them.
-Use the steel wool or fine grit sandpaper to lightly rough up the surface (but be careful not to gouge or damage it); this will help the paint stick to the light fixture.
-Start with the primer spray paint and apply a thin layer, let dry, then apply a second coat. If you apply spray paint too heavily, it can cause drips and runs in your finish.
-Then spray with two to three thin coats of paint, allowing 10 minutes of dry time in between coats, and then let the whole piece dry for 24 hours.
-Finally, if you are an experienced DIYer then carefully wire up the chandelier or contact an electrician to wire it for you.  We want you to be shocked by the beauty of the piece not by an electrical current.

And there you have it! You have an updated lighting fixture from a very common and readily available brass chandelier. We’ve found a video that shows some of these steps at http://bit.ly/wKnkJp so you can get a better visual of the process and see a sample of a finished piece.

Next time, Jenifer will reimagine ways to use some great folding doors with decorative glass panels to create a headboard or a room divider that adds character and lets the light in.  Check out samples of Jenifer’s work at www.ICbyJen.com

6 thoughts on “Welcome to ReImagine at ReStore: Our DIY Inspiration Column

  1. You guys are in the competition prices with Lowes and Home Depot ,after all those stores have some times LOWER prices than you in all things you have in the store, I think you should change the name of you organisation, you are Habitat For Humanity (poor people)

    1. Thank you for your comment and for visiting our blog. ReStore prices most items well below retail and donation to ReStore is a great way to divert unwanted items from the dump. And, all proceeds from sales at ReStore support building homes for qualified low-income families in Montgomery County. Thanks!

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