ReImagine at Restore – Decorative Folding Doors

To help all you do-it-yourselfers find inspiration for your projects at ReStore, we’ve teamed up with Rockville-based interior decorator Jenifer Yoon. Jenifer finds great pieces at ReStore and shares her advice on fun and creative ways to use them. Check out samples of Jenifer’s work at

ReImagine at Restore
by Jenifer Yoon

While I was recently visiting the Gaithersburg ReStore, a group of interesting bi-fold doors happen to

Decorative Folding Doors

catch my eye. The door panels had some glass inserts with a colored rim and decorative etching in the center. I loved the fact that the glass added character while letting light shine though. These door panels would be a wonderful choice to use as a unique headboard or even as a room divider.

ReImagined Headboards

There were six door panels which allowed for two different headboard options—you could use all six panels for a king-sized headboard or you could separate them for two twin beds.

Transforming the doors into a headboard can be a fairly simple process, below are some basic steps, but for more in-depth instructions you will want to visit one of the additional links included.

1) Step one would be to repaint the wood on the door to a color that will match your bedroom.
2) Then you will want to lay the panels out so they are fit snugly next to each other and take a 2×4 piece of wood long enough to span all three or six door panels (depending on the size you need). Use the appropriate depth screws and secure the panels to the 2×4.
3) Secure to the wall or prop-up behind your bed.

*For more detailed instructions, try one of these links:
Opportunity Kocks Transforming an Old Door into a Headboard
GreenTeaDesigns – DIY Headboards
Headboard Ideas

ReImagined Room Divider

This is a great link and video for ways to create a room divider using re-purposed doors and hinges.
Creating a Room Divider from Old Doors

Another unique and cool idea for the bi-fold doors we found would be if you had a bedroom where the best place for the bed would be directly in front of the window, normally this would mean sacrificing having the finished look of a headboard to allow use of the window.

However if you were using these doors with the glass, it would be a wonderful way to have a headboard for your bed but still allow the light from the window into the room. There are plenty of beautiful solutions for every room in your house if you approach things with a bit of imagination.

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