Hot Decorating Colors for Spring 2012

This spring, we’re seeing a lot of color used in home furnishings. The great thing is

Chandelier with soft-blue shades.

you can find these colors just about everywhere. We found this adorable mini chandelier at ReStore this week. Its shades are just the type of color that is featured in home furnishings these days.

Check out the blues, greens, oranges and other colors blogger Pamela Jaffke found at the Las Vegas Home Furnishings Market last month. And to see more about this year’s color palate, Better Homes and Gardens has a great video showing what’s in for Spring 2012.

But if you find a piece you like that isn’t one of the fun colors that are popular these days, all you have to do is paint it.  Visit Elizabeth & Co., to see the ladies take a ho-hum wooden book-case and makes it fresh for spring.

So have fun this season freshening up your own furnishings with color or giving recycled pieces a new look!

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