ReStore To Be First Full Sponsor of a Habitat House

ReStore has always been proud that all store proceeds support building affordable housing for families in Montgomery County. Today we have some really exciting news to share about our support of this important goal. At this morning’s groundbreaking ceremony for the Maple Hill townhome community – one of the affiliate’s largest projects yet – Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County Executive Director John Paukstis announced that ReStore will be the first full sponsor of a Habitat house in Montgomery County. This means that ReStore is providing the full $230,000 needed to build the first townhome in the Maple Hill community.

It’s not just about providing shelter. In his remarks, Mr. Paukstis shared comments from a survey of families who are living in houses built by Habitat. The positive effects on the family members’ self-esteem, well-being and health reach far beyond just having a place to live. One survey respondent said her son started excelling at school after the family moved into a Habitat house where they could implement consistent bed times and provide a quiet place for homework, which were not possible when the family was staying with someone else. “We are reminded about why we work so hard for affordable housing,” said Mr. Paukstis. “We are working to help families get out of substandard housing and experience all the benefits of homeownership, and ReStore is an important part of that.”

Maple Hill will be a 19-townhome community located on Emory Grove Road in Gaithersburg, across from Strawberry Knoll Road. The community is within walking distance of an elementary school and is on existing bus lines. The total cost of the project is $4.4 million and is expected to be completed in the fall of 2013. With a full sponsorship of the first house, it’s easy to see the direct and substantial impact of all donations and purchases at ReStore. We thank all ReStore donors and shoppers for their contributions to providing affordable housing!

5 thoughts on “ReStore To Be First Full Sponsor of a Habitat House

  1. That is a lie you guys selling the stuff you get free for above price of mayor sellers like home depot or lowes, if you want help people help ALL not only the ones you think are en need

    1. Thanks for visiting the ReStore blog. ReStore prices most items well below retail (about 50 to 75 percent under retail prices) and items donated to ReStore are diverted from landfills and recycled by consumers who purchase them. All proceeds from sales at ReStore support building homes for qualified low-income families in Montgomery County. Habitat for Humanity and its ReStore help as many people in our community as we are able through providing decent affordable housing.”

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