A ReStore Before and After: Old Chairs Get a New Look!


Interior Decorator Jenifer Yoon bought these chairs at ReStore and gave them a fresh and colorful look.

Jen said the steps for this project were:

  • Bought chairs from ReStore for $5 each
  • Bought new upholstery fabric and some additional batting to add more cushion to the seat.
  • Using the fabric as inspiration, she then selected a spray paint color to repaint the chair frame.
  • Unscrewed the seat of the chair and removed from the frame.


  • Used a fine grit sand paper on the chair frame to allow the paint to better adhere to the metal surface.
  • Primed the frame using spray paint primer.

  • Painted 3-5 coats of red paint
  • Finished with 2 coats of high gloss clear coat spray paint.


  • Removed old upholstery fabric
  • Added on additional batting & fabric
  • Used a staple gun to secure it to the wood base of the seat
  • After the fabric was attached and trimmed up, used a staple gun to add some black fabric to the bottom of the chair to hide the rough edges.
  • Once the spray paint was fully dried, she reattached the seat to the frame and Voila! From frumpy and outdated to adorable and appealing!


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