Combining Upcycled Pieces to Create Something Fresh

It’s always great to reuse something someone else has given away in one of your own creations. It’s even

Adina's Upcycled Wood Frame Wall Flower Vase

better to use two reusable items in a new creation! Adina at My Simple Country Life has a great vase and picture frame combo that puts two old pieces to good use. Here’s the finished product. Check out her blog for the complete instructions to make your own.

Country Living has 10 Easy Upcycling Craft Projects, including a mason jar soap dispenser, a rake stemware holder, and shelves made out of blueberry crates.

Planet Save gets really creative in its 10 Ways to Upcycle Junk Creatively post. Check out how they cut up old plastic cards to make a colorful picture frame, use old record album covers to create a box, and use wine bottle corks to make a bulletin board. These ideas are likely to inspire your own creativity!

Check out these ideas and look for more online, in books or on do-it-yourself magazines and TV shows. When you visit ReStore, you may also see other items that you never thought about using in a craft project, but may be exactly what you need for that spring do-it-yourself project!


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