Dorm ReDecorating

If you start college in a few weeks, congratulations! A brand new adventure awaits—new classes, new teachers, new friends and a new dorm room!  You’ll probably live in a tiny room with white walls and bland furniture.  ReStore has some unique and affordable items to personalize the space and create your home away from home.

Another brand new rugBrand new rug

A rug is a great foundation to tie the whole room together. You can see our selection of colorful, new rugs on DiggersList.  Here are just some on sale from $79.99 to $199.99:

You probably won’t have much room for new furniture, but small pieces can be helpful additions. A vintage trunk can be used as a table with storage. Think outside the box and repurpose!


You’ll definitely need light!  We sell floor length and table lamps. Add some character with a unique design.

Table lamps

You’ll need to eat!  ReStore sells microwaves, and sometimes we’ll have small refrigerators. Remember, you can’t live on microwaved burritos though! Microwaves


Wall décor is another simple way to add color and personality.  ReStore has artwork and picture frames. We even sell paint to coordinate the frames with your color scheme. And a decorative mirror adds depth to a room and shows you if you look presentable for your next class!

If you have an apartment to furnish, we also have sofas, dining tables, bookcases, bed frames and much more.


These are just some ideas using ReStore’s vast selection to revamp that boring dorm room.  Stop by soon to get the best deals.  We have other excellent decorating ideas on Pinterest.

Wishing you the best for your exciting college years!

REMINDER: Students get 10% off with their student ID. (cannot be combined with other sale offers)

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