Knock, Knock! How to ReUse a Door

Did you know you can create a masterpiece from a simple door? If you want a unique statement piece, a door is a great foundation for a piece of art, headboard, table, message center and room divider. Show off your talents by thinking outside the box…and outside the door frame!

You may not have a spare door around the house, but ReStore does. We have a vast selection of interior, exterior, storm and closet doors. A six-panel hollow-core door is only $15! We also sell the tools and other materials you need.

Plethora of doors at ReStore

For this first project, no tools are required. Simply lean a door against a wall, and use it as a canvas! Paint it, adorn it with wallpaper or better yet, display your child’s artwork! Great way to pin up art without damaging the wall.

Door as art


With a little elbow grease, you can have a one-of-a-kind headboard. ReStore has the sandpaper and paint you need for either a weathered or finished look.

 Weathered headboard  Painted headboard


Our volunteers, George Caceres and Benjamin Rahimi, hold a contender for this distinct headboard.

 Great choice for a headboard  Headboard


Need a new table?  We have some innovative solutions.

Benjamin models a perfect closet door which you can turn into this gorgeous side table.

 Closet door  Closet door side table


And with some table legs, you can create a focal point for the living room.

Door as coffee table


Message centers are helpful for all households. You can’t use an iPhone for everything! Some chalkboard paint is all you need.

 Chalkboard cabinet door  Chalkboard door


For the ultimate conversation piece, a room divider is ideal.

You can get three interior doors and produce this!

 Simple interior door  Room divider


These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg! We know you have other DIY projects.  Tell us about them and you could win a $25 ReStore gift certificate if we post your idea!

All of these and other impressive designs are on our Pinterest RestoreMoCo board.


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