Autumn is right around the corner

Labor Day is next Monday, and most people think of it as the end of summer. But it also signals the beginning of a beautiful time–Fall!  Take advantage of the long weekend to prepare for the cooler months and finish those remaining DIY projects.

Before any hard work, you must enjoy a barbecue. After the festivities, you can tackle some tasks while enjoying the weather.

Prepare the house for winter

Getting ready now is much better than working in 30 degree weather. Cleaning the gutters is a must before the leaves clog them. Caulk or replace windows. ReStore has dozens of windows! Stain the front door or get a new one from ReStore.

Clean the grill, patio furniture and the deck. Don’t forget to apply sealant or stain on the deck to prevent damage.  Trimming hedges and pulling weeds help the front yard looking fresh. Remember– the kids can help out!

Clean and Organize

You’ll need some place to put away the grill and patio furniture.  Time to clean out the garage!  This is a perfect opportunity to weed out any unwanted items. Keep ReStore in mind when tidying up. You can go to our website or call us for information about donations:


Your closets are probably in need of a good purging.  Plus, you need to make room for warmer clothes.  Sort through closets and collect unwanted items. Then, have a neighborhood clothing swap!  Everyone gets a new wardrobe, and you can donate the leftovers to charities, like the Salvation Army. Sorry, ReStore does not accept clothing.


Everyone has at least one room in desperate need of a paint job. ReStore sells paint perfect for small rooms or touching up moldings.

Another way to spruce up any room is with wall art. You can get bored looking at the same paintings and pictures. Swap out some with mirrors or framed prints from ReStore. We also sell picture frames for a new look.

Finally, it’s time to relax. The house is ready for whatever nature throws your way.

We ARE open Labor Day and would love to see you. Have a great holiday from your ReStore family!

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