ReFurbishing a Simple Buffet into a Work of Art

Kathleen and ToddIn our July 10th post, we asked for your do-it-yourself projects, and frequent customers Kathleen and Todd upped the ante by submitting two projects. Let’s examine the first one and praise their fantastic efforts.

Kathleen needed a wide dresser, so, of course, the couple headed to ReStore. A sturdy wood buffet seemed like a unique option. Kathleen and Todd knew they could repurpose the charming piece of furniture, incredibly priced at a mere $100.

They didn’t take a before picture but took several during the rebirth process. First, Todd removed the hardware and used an orbital sander to unearth the beautiful wood.

Sanded buffet

He wanted to highlight the grain on top, so he decided to stain it. For the rest of the piece, Todd chose one of Kathleen’s signature colors–Benjamin Moore Slate Teal.


Todd added depth and character by distressing the buffet.  Notice the attention to the edges:

Distressed edge detail

Here are the finished doors:

Distressed doors

Even though the doors looked amazing, Todd wasn’t satisfied. He felt the raised door panels looked dated and knew a flat surface would make the piece cleaner, more modern. His solution–remove the panels.

With a trusty knife, hammer, chisel and sander, Todd pulled off a few panels.  But the process was too slow, and he didn’t like the look anyway.

Without a panel

Todd put on his thinking cap again–why not build new doors?  Using 3/4 inch plywood, he created clean, simple doors. He used ¼ inch plywood for the edges, mitered them and tacked them on with contractor adhesive and finishing nails.

New door

After painting and distressing, the new doors matched the rest of the piece.

Finished new doors

With new knobs and pulls, the buffet became a gorgeous dresser.

Finished dresser

After hauling the solid wood masterpiece to the bedroom, Kathleen had second thoughts.  The buffet was too small, and the drawers were not wide enough to hold much clothing.

What to do with this buffet-turned-dresser? Well, use it as a buffet, of course! Downstairs it went to a new home, the dining room.  The buffet returned to its original purpose as a more polished, dressed-up version of itself!

Finished buffet

But wait, Kathleen still needed a new dresser! You know what that meant? Another trip to ReStore! Read about the couple’s next adventure soon.

I highly recommend reading the buffet’s entire journey on Kathleen and Todd’s blog, Fourth Street Speakeasy. They explain the trials and tribulations of redecorating.

At the end of her post, Kathleen added wonderful comments about ReStore: “On a side note, I LOVE ReStore and stores that recycle furniture. ReStore is amazing and although I have some work to do on the pieces that I buy from there I can leave knowing that I’m helping build houses for those in need — okay maybe I’m not out there with a hammer, but I’m helping in an indirect way.”

We love our customers!

Do you have any DIY ideas?  Submit them to You might receive a $25 ReStore gift certificate if we post your idea!

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