Creating a tile mosaic at Celebrate Gaithersburg Day


Sunday, September 16th marked the 31st annual Celebrate Gaithersburg Day in Olde Towne, and hundreds enjoyed the beautiful day soaking up the sights along Summit Avenue.

Celebrate Gaithersburg Day

Of course, Habitat for Humanity and ReStore of Montgomery County joined the fun. Monet and John were just two of the smiling faces greeting visitors.

Monet and John

As you know, ReStore believes in a green lifestyle, so we wanted to show the versatility and beauty of reusing. Why not make art from recycled materials?

ReStore recruited a talented local artist, Jane Pettit, who specializes in mosaic, sculpture and collage. Here are two of her amazing works:

Red Earring by Jane Pettit Red Earring

Re of Life by Jane PettitRe of Life

Jane demonstrated how to create a tile mosaic using tiles from ReStore on a table also from ReStore.

This wasn’t like any other DIY project with the teacher lecturing instructions. The demo was interactive with staff, volunteers and visitors adding their artistic touches. A truly communal piece of art developed in front of our eyes.

First, we needed tile pieces, so Jane taught Monet and Peter how to use tile nippers like this one:Mosaic Tile Nipper

Monet and Peter were naturals, learning the technique quickly.

Monet, Peter and Jane

Here are some of the raw materials:

Materials for mosaic

Then, the fun began! Jane spread adhesive directly on the table and placed tile pieces to create a free-flowing design. She didn’t use a pattern, instead allowing guests to connect their work to the whole. Jane started the piece with flowers:

Jane starts the mosaic

Soon, a crowd of mainly children flocked to the table, and Jane was the consummate teacher helping them pick out pieces.

Look at all the hands ready for action:

Great progress All hands on deck


Christopher and Michael delved into the project for almost 30 minutes.  They were definitely the artists of the day. Thanks for your help guys!

 Christopher, Michael and Jane  Christopher and Michael


For the next few hours, others surrounded the artwork, adding their two cents. Unfortunately, Jane had to leave, but the progress after only two hours was impressive:

 Jane with the table  Everyone's hard work

Thanks to everyone who helped make a gorgeous work of art. Time for you to make your own tile mosaic!

Be sure to explore Jane Pettit’s unique artwork. Email her for a design consultation or for information about her upcoming shows:

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