Have a Green Halloween

With the skyrocketing prices of costumes, candy, decorations and other ghoulish accessories, Halloween has grown into a staggering $6 billion a year industry.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to celebrate. Practicing the three “R’s” —reduce, reuse, recycle—will not only save you money but will save the earth too.

Every ghost, ghoul and goblin can become a do-it-yourselfer this time of year.  Show off your creative chops!


Need inspiration for a one of a kind costume? Check your closet. You might find a unique outfit lurking in those unwanted clothes. Or borrow clothes with friends. A clothing swap is great year-round activity but can be extra fruitful during Halloween.

If nothing catches your eye, try a thrift store. Reusing clothing is an eco-friendly alternative to buying a new costume you would throw out after one use.  After the big night, if you don’t want your thrift store purchases, you can simply donate them back.

Household items can trigger your imagination. How about using recyclables to dress as a recycling bin?

Don't recycle the baby!


No plastic pumpkins please! Instead, enjoy a leisurely afternoon with the family at a nearby pumpkin patch. You’ll support local farmers while finding the perfect Halloween accessory. No time to carve a jack-o-lantern?  Here are some creative alternatives:

Embellish with items bought from ReStore

Hardware pumpkin

Make a spider with tree branches

Spider pumpkin

Have a run in your stocking? Create a fancy pumpkin

fancy pumpkin

Buy a drill from ReStore to create patterns

Drilled pumpkin


Store-bought decorations are often made of plastics and toxic materials and can be expensive. Stir up your creative juices with the whole family and make your own. Here are just a few ideas:

Do you remember paper mache?

Paper mache catPaper mache ghost

Look what you can do with milk jugs, glass jars, picture frames, toilet paper rolls, painted leaves and pipe cleaners

Milk jug ghosts Jar creatures
Picture frame web Frankenstein tp roll

Leaf ghosts


Pipe cleaner spider


Of course, you need something to carry your loot. You can always decorate an old pillowcase or a paper bag.

Decorated paper bag

How about a reusable bag or make one from an old t-shirt?

Another easy way to save the environment: turn off the lights. Be sure to use soy or beeswax candles instead of paraffin ones which are made from petroleum.  “Bloody” candles always heighten the mood.

Bloody candle

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. Do you have other ideas on celebrating a green Halloween?

We hope you have a safe, fun, eco-friendly Halloween!

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