Try Something Tuesday: Your Own Vanity

Better Homes and Gardens has a great idea for a furniture transformation that involves turning a bedroom side table into a vanity. All it involves is the table, some wood for shelving, granite remnants, and plumbing materials.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 4.29.32 PM

Luckily, ReStore has everything you need!

Here’s an example of a side table you can use. To make the would-be vanity plumbing ready, remove the top and drawer box and re-attach the front with wood adhesive.

Available at ReStore for $85

We have a great collection of granite, which should be trimmed to fit the side-table top. Attach the granite to the top of the table with construction adhesive.


This is one of my favorite sinks available for purchase at ReStore. You can also find shelves upon shelves of plumbing supplies to make sure the sink is functional.


And of course ReStore has plenty of wood to create a shelf base for the vanity.

You can never have too much storage space

Paint the side table and bottom shelving in a uniform color and enjoy your new vanity!

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