RePainting a Dresser

Redecorating a room doesn’t have to require buying all new furniture! Simply painting an old, used dresser can be a cost efficient alternative and fun way to spruce up any room. An array of fun patterns can change any boring dresser into a focal point. Whether it be Modern Geometrics, Bohemian Paisleys, or Dainty Florals, there are unlimited options when personalizing your dresser.

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dresser3   image06

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

This project is so simple and easy! Sand down the surface with coarse sandpaper and paint on the base color. Tape off areas and/or lay down a stencil to create the desired pattern. Choose two to three accent colors to paint and complete the design!

Finish off the dresser by adding cute and intricate knobs! These give the dresser their finishing touch.


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

At the ReStore, we have tons of dressers that have huge potential to be transformed!

photo (2)
Available for $125
Available for $225
Available for $175
Available for $175

Email your dresser DIYs to                                                                                                                                  

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