How to Avoid the Heat

Montgomery County, MD, along with the entire east coast, is currently enduring its first heat wave of the summer! However, trying to beat the heat indoors doesn’t have to weigh down on the summer fun. We’ve found some great DIY projects that can be done inside with the fans blasting.

diy wood map art

This DIY Wooden World Map was found on After tracing a world map onto old wood scraps, wood stain was carefully painted inside each outline. If you don’t want to outline the whole world, you can use an outline of your favorite city! This creative piece of homemade art costs hundreds less than the retail version and is a great project when trying to avoid the heat.


These Hand Painted Ceramic Tea-light holders are a great and intricate project to work on indoors. The designs were drawn with a Pebeo Porecelaine 150 Paint Pen, left to dry for 24 hours, and then baked in the oven to set the ink. This project is kid friendly and a cute way to preserve their drawings and doodles! This idea is courtesy of

2011 Blog Pictures 458

This Sunburst Mirror Project was found on and only costs about $20! Using two floral rings, a pack a cedar shims, and lots of glue, the shims were glued onto the floral rings at differing lengths and layers. A circular mirror was glued onto the front and left to dry.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and check on elderly neighbors during these hot days! Stay cool and email your own DIY projects to

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