Repurposing Shutters: Finding the New in the Old

Here at ReStore, we enjoy giving old pieces new life. Finding different ways to use and spruce them up is half the fun! This week is all about reusing old shutters. Once shed from your windows, they don’t have to be discarded! We found some great repurposing ideas on Take a look and see if they spark any ideas of your own!


Handmade Headboard. Try reusing shutters as a headboard! Its unique quality is unlike anything you would find in a retail store. Treat or paint the shutters to best fit the decor of your room, then screw them into old wood scraps to make sure it’s stable and secure. This project spruces up any bed and creates a staple piece for the room.
An-old-shutter-can-be-repurpose-as-a-kitchen-organizer-More-DIY-shutter-designs-@BrightNest-BlogKempt Kitchen. An old shutter is a great palate for a kitchen utensil organizer. Add a fresh coat of paint with a pop of color to liven up the space! This project is great for kitchens with little cabinet or counter space.
DIY-Shutter-Art-for-the-Garden.-More-DIY-ideas-@BrightNest-Blog Makeshift Message-board. Shutter slats are a great place for storing mail and messages for the whole family to see. Paint a section with Chalkboard Paint to post notes on-the-go. If you already have a place for messages and mail, use the slats to store magazines! It’s a great way to keep organized while also adding some DIY Home Decor.
DIY-Shutter-shelf.-More-DIY-and-upycling-ideas-@BrightNest-BlogSensational Shelving. Reusing shutters for shelving is a great way to replace plain and boring shelves. They give a rustic feel that can’t be beat for the price! Try placing them over windows or along walls for a cool and creative space creator!

Try your own Shutter Refurbishing Project with some of the shutters available at ReStore! Email your ideas and projects to


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