DIY Lamp Shades

Tired of your old lamp shades? Spice them up by creating your own! Customized lamp shades can add that personal touch and update any room’s decor. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like! Create a new addition for your home’s decor!


Courtesy of Shanty2Chic 

Updating a lamp shade can be as simple as recovering it. Begin by removing the old fabric and using it as a stencil to cut out a new piece of fabric. Sew or glue the ends together to create a sleeve to stretch around the shade. Glue the ends onto the shade, using clothespins to keep the fabric in place until the glue has dried. Add decorative trim to give that final touch!

ce33128887a8ca559a04f1ef087a4758 Courtesy of Pinterest 

Layer ribbons on top of a plain shade for a more playful final product! Simply hot glue the ends down and arrange them in whatever pattern! Perfect for a kid’s room or a college dorm.

                                      img_7631 Shabby chic floral arrangement 073

Courtesy of Pomp and Circumstance and Coconut Beech

Liven up a plain shade with a design! Tape off sections in the desired pattern and then dab on paint to prevent it from leaking underneath the tape.  A simple project for a completely new look!


Courtesy of Trip Logic 

Turn your lamp shade into a lighted scrapbook! Glue or tape each photograph onto pre-cut matting boards to protect them.  Punch holes in the board and string chain rings, used for jewelry, through each hole. Connect each photograph and attach them to the wire of the existing lamp shade. This project requires a little more patience, but creates a place for memories!

We have tons of lamp bases available at ReStore just waiting for your personal lamp shade! Email your Lamp Shade ideas and projects to

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