ReStoring Medicine Cabinets

Old looking medicine cabinets can put a damper on any bathroom. A quick spruce can easily freshen the space and give a clean, new feel. Restorations can be as easy as a new coat of paint or as involved as a complete new set of doors! There are unlimited options when transforming the standard medicine cabinet. We hope to provide some inspiration and new ideas on how to update yours!

medicine-cabinet-ideas-corkboard_b39195311e4cba87546c11e12596ab98_3x2_jpg_570x380_q85 6201316

Photos Courtesy of House Logic & House DIY Craft Pins

Utilize the inside of the door to create the most amount of space by using cork or blackboard sheets to leave notes and write messages. Magnetic sheets can be used as well to hang and organize jewelry. Line the space behind the shelving with colorful or patterned contact paper to add a fun pop of color.

medicine-cabinet-ideas-picture-frame_4e5f17cd7aac0e9a0594e8c0029771a6_3x2_jpg_570x380_q85 medicine-cabinet-ideas-reclaimed-frame_0fe033cfa66a5f002cd6c63c28b9bc91_3x2_jpg_570x380_q85

Photos Courtesy of House Logic

Now to the exterior! Make the cabinet invisible by replacing the door with a picture frame! Easy storage and organization can be hidden in the walls and out of sight of guests. If you want to go in the opposite direction and make it a statement piece, place an intricate frame around the mirror! This unique addition will bump your cabinet up a notch.

 mia_after1 mia_after2

Photos Courtesy of Design Sponge

If you have an old medicine cabinet that’s not being put to use, convert it into a night stand! Great for extra storage and getting new use out of old things. This one was glued to old chair legs and painted to give a seamless look.

Try these ideas out on medicine cabinets available at ReStore!  Email your ideas and projects to

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