ReStore Silver Spring!

Interview with Do It Yourself (DIY) Artiste for Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland’s ReStore Silver Spring Grand Opening slated for November 15, 2014

Interviewer: What is your DIY idea?

Artiste: It is an ear-and-holder organizer. It is a nice frame that you can hang on your wall and at night hang your earrings on it. It can hold all your different earrings and it looks like a nice wall or art piece. It is about taking something from the ReStore and changing it into something else.

Above: Ear-and-holder organizer in pictures

Interviewer: Can you give attendees a gist of what you will be doing?

Artiste: We will start with a wooden frame with a certain amount of thickness so that we have a surface to paint. It needs to be wood. It doesn’t matter if it’s a picture or mirror. Because you are using chalk paint you don’t need to finish it or sand or grind it- you can paint directly in it. Put a base coat of chalk paint which adheres very well to the wood, let it dry and paint it with acrylic paint. (You don’t have to be an artist or talented, all you have to know is how to take a sponge and tip it in the paint and apply it. In the class we would be exposed to lots of different colors and techniques of how to apply it with sponges and things you can do to spruce it up).Take a screen e.g. door screen and staple it to the back of it. (You hang your earrings on the mesh).

Interviewer: How long does it take to make one piece?

Artiste: A significant amount can be done in about an hour or two.

Interviewer: What should attendees expect?

Artiste: They will learn how to use something they can buy at the ReStore very inexpensively to make something that is practical, useful and beautiful.

Attendees interested in taking part in this DIY project should contact: or Materials will be provided by the artiste. All you need is to come with a $10 minimum contribution. Limited places available. Please sign up early to book a place.


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