Your Garden, Our Earth


The idea came to him to as a boy. Coming from a farming family, Stephen Eagles helped his dad at the farmer’s market where he sold seasonal planters which he designed and built. He used recycled lumber for the planters and completed them with liners, seasonal plants and simple decorative paint.  The planters were a big hit with their busy customers as they were both convenient and attractive. The idea further crystalized when Stephen was approached by a local church group who requested wholesale planters to use in their fundraising efforts.


Now an adult with a young family of his own, Stephen has time on his hands with a recent turn in unemployment. He finds himself revisiting this idea of the planters as a way to generate funds. His children help decorate the planters. A former part-time volley ball coach, Stephen suggests this as an excellent way for sports teams to do their own fundraising. An added benefit from this activity is team-building. Stephen is available (check his Facebook page for details, below) to help teach people the basics of building a simple planter which can then be decorated with water-thinned latex paint, chalk-board paint or simple decorative stamps.


The planters can be made with minimal investment in materials and tools. Stephen bought most of his materials at Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  ReStore is an excellent resource for buying recycled lumber, paint and tools. The materials get a second useful life and are saved from the landfill and the proceeds help to build affordable housing in local communities. Recycled lumber could also be sourced from deck or fence companies who might donate old fencing lumber that would otherwise have to be hauled to the landfill. Plants can be grown economically from seeds or cuttings.


So what are you waiting for? Get your neighborhood, church group or sports team together and come visit Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore for materials to recycle!


Stephen lives in Olney Maryland with his wife and two small children. He can be contacted on their Facebook page called “Your Garden Our Earth”.

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