Stager Fills Dream Home with ReStore Finds!

“Honey, I think you should come right now.” I whispered into my cell phone. I’m in Rockville at the ReStore standing in front of the perfect kitchen for our Mountain House…straight lines, perfect color, enough cabinet pieces, plus the price includes a full complement of stainless steel appliances. And, the whole package has just been reduced $2,000!

What? You didn’t know The Habitat for Humanity Charity had a store? Well, yes, it does. And, what a resource it is. You see the Habitat for Humanity Charity not only builds homes for people but also beautifully merchandises furniture and all manner of home goods as well as appliances and construction materials that have been donated to the cause to resell to the public.

The proceeds are reinvested in the cause. So, if you didn’t know or haven’t been to any of the ReStores (there are now several locally), please do yourself a favor and check them it out for furniture, furnishings even appliances and construction materials. Of course everything donated is tax-deductible.

So, back to my cryptic phone call, which occurred during a routine visit to The Restore, treasure hunting for props for my business, Show Smart Staging. I mean would you believe a Crate n Barrel sofa in brand-new condition for a 10th of its retail price!   This painting, which really makes the room, was only $40. You never know what you might find at the Restore.

But, back to the furtive phone call. My husband, son and I were on a journey to build a family dream home in the mountains of West Virginia…and the fun part, the challenge, was to do this as inexpensively as possible. I mean, anyone could build a luxury home expensively, right?

So, gathering parts and pieces over time was the gambit. Enter my visit that day to The ReStore. Well, there stood an entire Shaker-style kitchen in cherry wood, exactly the color and lines we dreamed of…22 cabinets complete with every high-end stainless appliance you could want! And, it had just been marked down another $2,000 from the already bargain ReStore price?

My husband and son got there inside of 20 minutes and spent the next two hours measuring and doing the math…they are both engineers…to figure out if or how we could build our kitchen around this amazing find. They did. Yay! Huge savings for us. A Restore score! And, that was only the beginning.

Over time, our son, my husband and I rather regularly browsed The ReStore. One time my husband spotted a designer chandelier for $7.50 (yes, you read that right…$7.50) for the dining room, only missing a few parts. Researching online to find the missing parts, he saw its many hundred dollar retail price…another bargain. Then, a Jacuzzi still in its factory wrapping  for peanuts.smtstaging1

Over the following months, more light fixtures showed up that could have cost us many pretty pennies…2 foyer lights, the living room chandelier, the porch light …even 24 exterior lights for $5 a piece of just the right finish and size that perhaps some contractor had mistakenly bought or a customer had simply changed their mind about, saving us probably several thousand dollars all told just on lights.smtstaging2

These sorts of items, regularly donated by contractors, builders, and individuals, are just waiting for you to snap them up. So make it a habit to come by regularly for your chance at a ReStore score!

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