Stager Fills Dream Home with ReStore Finds!

“Honey, I think you should come right now.” I whispered into my cell phone. I’m in Rockville at the ReStore standing in front of the perfect kitchen for our Mountain House…straight lines, perfect color, enough cabinet pieces, plus the price includes a full complement of stainless steel appliances. And, the whole package has just been reduced $2,000! What? You didn’t know The Habitat for Humanity … Continue reading Stager Fills Dream Home with ReStore Finds!

October 1st is World Habitat Day!

In 1985, the United Nations General Assembly designated the first Monday of October to be World Habitat Day. Our theme for 2012 is “Many Homes, One Maryland.” On this day, we ask you to spread awareness of the 1.6 billion people living in substandard housing. Everyone deserves simple, decent, adequate housing. What can you do? Shop at ReStore of course! Every single dollar helps build … Continue reading October 1st is World Habitat Day!

Creating a tile mosaic at Celebrate Gaithersburg Day

  Sunday, September 16th marked the 31st annual Celebrate Gaithersburg Day in Olde Towne, and hundreds enjoyed the beautiful day soaking up the sights along Summit Avenue. Of course, Habitat for Humanity and ReStore of Montgomery County joined the fun. Monet and John were just two of the smiling faces greeting visitors. As you know, ReStore believes in a green lifestyle, so we wanted to … Continue reading Creating a tile mosaic at Celebrate Gaithersburg Day

This Old House featured ReStore as a Great ReSource!

As you know, home improvement and redecorating expenses pile up quickly.  Who doesn’t need to save money while beautifying their home? This Old House, a staple on public broadcasting since 1979, featured some great money-saving ideas in “The 21 Ways to Save on Your Remodel” on their website. Guess who’s Number 3 on their list? ReStore! We are so excited a nationally renowned DIY television … Continue reading This Old House featured ReStore as a Great ReSource!

Story of Piano Purchased at ReStore in Local News

The Montgomery County Gazette and The Washington Post Local Living section carried the story of the unique piano sold at ReStore that was believed to have been used at the famous Cotton Club in Harlem, N.Y. back in the 1930s. Donor Sherman Harris said the piano was brought down from New York in 1952 to be used in the home of real estate agent Lillian Smith … Continue reading Story of Piano Purchased at ReStore in Local News

Habitat ReStore Outlets Growing

The USA Today recently published an article about the success of Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore’s. At a time when the government and private foundations are cutting their budgets, the ReStore provides a steady source of revenue for the non-profit organization.


Mark Rakke, a self-described “scavenger and salvager” was happy to find a home for the extra tiles cluttering up his shed and perhaps give them a second life in someone else’s kitchen.

Miguel Magia helps move furniture into the new Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore in Purcellville, Va.

Rakke donated the tiles to the new Habitat for Humanity ReStore outlet in St. Cloud, Minn., that sells donated building materials, furniture and other items to help support its mission of building and renovating homes for low-income people.

“I think it’s a great idea,” he says. “I’m glad it’s going to a good cause and it gets recycled rather than getting thrown away.”

In an economy where it’s unusual to find a business opening new stores, expanding existing ones and enjoying brisk sales, the non-profit Habitat for Humanity is bucking economic trends with its ReStore outlets.

The first ReStore opened in the mid-1980s in Winnipeg, Canada, followed by the first U.S. store in Austin, as a way for Habitat to raise revenue and promote its message of sustainability, says Larry Gluth, Habitat senior vice president.

The concept has grown continually the past 10 years and there are more than 750 stores nationwide with total sales estimated at between $350 million and $400 million annually, he says. “The number is continuing to grow,” Gluth says.

Continue reading “Habitat ReStore Outlets Growing”